We are Pursuit Xcel, an international network of highly acclaimed career professionals and entrepreneurs, founded in 2023. Our members include Top C-Level executives and award-winning Entrepreneurs spanning North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania, from fields such as Law, Health and Medicine, Fintech, Banking and Finance, Human Resources, Real Estate, Construction, Data Analysis, Media, Marketing, Technology, Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, Government, Education and more.

Through our expansive network and member skillset, we provide unrivalled career and business consulting for clients in any field, in any country. We have a unique approach to consulting that comes with the benefit of multiple great minds behind each service, fully personalised and aligned towards each client’s goals and requirements.

As a network, we conduct monthly webinars where our members appear as guest speakers to discuss and share their views on trending matters in their fields. Additionally, we host two in-person events each year in January and August, in Dubai and London. All our webinars and networking events are open to the public. Our goal is to help individuals and organisations turn their professional dreams into reality.

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Pursuit Xcel has been transforming careers and business since 2023.

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