3 Hours of Consulting with C-Level Executives
Professional CV and LinkedIn Writing

We work with people to transform their careers. Investing in your career today has a snowball effect, delivering benefits both now and in the future. Our bespoke career service opens the gates to success at all levels of the corporate ladder. Through hours of elite consulting and professional CV writing, we turn clients into ideal candidates on paper and in practice. With our career package, because 3 Hours of Consulting are included, we effectively chauffeur you into your new job or position. 

What’s Included

3 Hours of Consulting

We will meet with you once or twice a week, depending on availability. Each session will last 1 hour. The first session normally focuses on your CV, LinkedIn profile, current situation, and goals. The remaining sessions may include work on strategy, interview training and preparation, or building your skills and qualities. Our consulting sessions with clients are highly personalised and will depend on your own situation and requirements.


CV and LinkedIn Writing

Many people fall into the difficult situation where they have been applying for jobs for months, with no results or invitations to interview. This could be for a number of reasons: perhaps your CV is underwhelming or fails to demonstrate the value that you add, maybe your CV is failing due to ATS. We will craft your very own achievement focused CV, beating the ATS system and setting you apart from the competition. You need to get through the initial paper/technology sift for changes to happen. Your CV will demonstrate that your skills, qualities, and values align perfectly with the company that you are applying to.

Interview Preparation and Skill Development

We are a diverse network of renowned C-level executives from different fields. Many of our members are international speakers or qualified coaches. You will become a master of selling yourself and interviewing by the end of the process.


Limitless Possibilities

There is no limit on what we can professionally enhance through our sessions, and there is no task that we cannot complete. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Be prepared to exceed your own expectations by the end of our work together.

What Clients Can Expect

More Interview Invitations


Gain Lifelong Interview Skills


Faster Career Gains

Increased Earnings

Career Satisfaction

Xcel Career Package

Transform Your Life’s Trajectory Today

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