Our CV and LinkedIn services are designed and proven to put you 10 steps ahead of your competition. One thing that sets us apart from traditional CV writers is that we have top C-Suite executives from our network peer review the CV before it is finalised and sent to our clients. This can also leave you feeling more confident with your job search and your interviews – you have already been given the green light from some of the most esteemed professionals on the planet. Amongst our ranks are also experts on AI and current mainstream technologies. We do not use pre-designed templates and we never copy and paste. Your new CV will be freshly crafted, personalised, aligned and optimised towards your target roles. .

What most job applicants don’t realise is that, most of the time, when you apply for a position, your CV will not be viewed by a human, but an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATS is computer software that analyses CVs for certain keywords and skills. For example, if a recruiter is hiring for a Business Development Manager position, and there are 500 applications, the ATS filter will probably have the word “Manager” to search for those candidates who have done the job before. Any CV that doesn’t contain that term is most likely out. The great thing for our clients is that at Pursuit Xcel, we have members who work in the highest levels of recruitment, who have knowledge and experience of the most common ATS software, and those specific keywords that need to be included for different job positions. This enables us to craft CVs that “beat” the system. You are in safe hands.    

Having a stand-out LinkedIn profile is a must. According to LinkedIn, eight people are hired every minute, which is 11,520 people hired per day. Most employers use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool and will search for potential candidates on the site. If your LinkedIn profile is sub-standard, you are already at a huge disadvantage in your career journey as employers will immediately eliminate you from the recruitment process. On the other side of things, when you submit a job application, upon receipt of your application, the company will examine your LinkedIn profile for vetting purposes. We believe the first impression is critical to success.

Our Process


Step 1
Once we receive your purchase, we will contact you regarding your CV. You can send us your current CV and links to your new targeted role. 



Step 2
Depending on the service, we get to work on your CV/LinkedIn profile. Your CV will be short (often between 1 and 2 pages) and achievement focused, setting you apart from the competition. Job-specific applications will be aligned towards the company and position that is being sought.

Peer Review

Step 3
When the work is completed, we review it within our network and send you all feedback given by our executives.



Step 4
We send you the finished product. At this point, there is rarely a need for anything to be changed.

Further Information


We work with clients in any field.


We work with clients in any country.


We work with you throughout the process.

Completion Time

We will complete the above service within 14 days.

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